“My experience was remarkable...the results were surprising. Zero
Point along with yoga allowed me more tools in handling daily
situations. I would highly recommend Anne-Marie My sessions with
her really have helped me a great deal.”
Tricia D, Office Assistant

“Anne-Marie’s approach is comprehensive, diversified and
compassionate. I eagerly look forward to my weekly yoga sessions
with her… energetic but relaxing and peaceful. I have improved
immensely in flexibility, mobility and calmness towards life.” June A.
Health Professional

“Attending Anne-Marie’s raw food class changed my life. Now I am
inspired, empowered and full of energy”. Teresa K, Realtor

“The other night, at the zero point workshop, I really had a
breakthrough… I felt like during the session I was really freed.” Wendy
B., Creative Director

“(I am) learning to relax, not to be a dead run all day long” Karen A.,